.T. Barnum, the famous Bridgeport showman who delighted children around the world, was the inspiration for the P.T. Barnum Pediatric Center at Bridgeport Hospital. Barnum was also Bridgeport Hospital's first president. Like P.T., we at Bridgeport Hospital know kids, so we've made our surroundings child friendly: Bright colors, circus themes and a circular play room full of toys turn what could be a scary place into a cheery one. And we've also taken into consideration parents' needs, including pull-out sofa beds so you can sleep over with your child, and private bathrooms with showers. At Bridgeport Hospital's P.T. Barnum Pediatric Center, our goal is to make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible for you and your child.

The Best of Care for Your Child

The P.T. Barnum Pediatric Center specializes in the care of children from birth through adolescence. The 18-bed Pediatric Unit is staffed by full-time pediatric nurses, with around-the-clock in-house coverage by pediatric resident physicians–a major advantage of being a teaching hospital.

Welcome to the P.T. Barnum Pediatric Center

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