Your Room LDR stands for Labor, Deliver, Recovery. In one of these serene, comfortable, light-filled rooms, you will go through labor, deliver your baby, and rest for a while after the birth. The advantage? No moving from a labor room to a delivery room to a recovery room, right when you want to lay still and bond with your newborn.

When The Birthplace was designed, thought was given, not just to your physical comfort, but to your emotional well-being, too. So your room will feature plenty of peaceful natural light. Soft teal, shell pink, rose, and mauve provide a soothing color scheme. Comfortable, home-like furniture hides sophisticated, high-tech equipment, just in case it's needed. Thoughtful finishing touches include a chair that opens into a bed for dad.

Postpartum Rooms
Our studies show that when new moms have rested up after the birth, they would prefer to move to a fresh, quiet room. The Postpartum Unit is just a short trip down the hall from Labor & Delivery. (Post = after; partum = delivery.) Here homelike rooms are also pleasantly decorated in soothing colors, with private bathrooms. Our liberal Rooming-In policy helps you and your family bond with your new baby. Keep the baby with you as long as you like. When you need time for yourself, our skilled staff will give your baby tender, loving care in our nursery.