For the added convenience and comfort of patients, we have relocated our diagnostic services outside the hospital to the Bridgeport Holiday Inn at 1070 Main Street. The new diagnostic suite offers many advantages:
  • A convenient location in downtown Bridgeport, near the junction of I-95 and the Route 8/25 connector and within walking distance of the Bridgeport bus and train stations
  • A complimentary breakfast buffet after the overnight sleep study
  • Complimentary parking in the secure Holiday Inn garage
  • Free access to hotel services, including an indoor pool, fitness center and high-speed wireless Internet
  • Comfortably furnished rooms
Holiday Inn Fitness Holiday Inn Pool Holiday Inn Restaurant Holiday Inn Room

The Center for Sleep Medicine at Bridgeport Hospital is fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Accreditation signifies that the Center has been recognized for providing high-quality patient care for patients with sleep disorders; meets national standards for staffing, leadership and facilities; and is committed to advancing the study and practice of sleep medicine.

Bridgeport Hospital's Center for Sleep Medicine can diagnose a number of sleep disorders. Among them: insomnia (inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep), sleep apnea syndromes (when you stop breathing for several moments), and other conditions that can affect your sleep and cause daytime sleepiness.

As you sleep, a test called a polysomnogram is done. This test painlessly records your breathing, the amount of oxygen in your blood; your brain's electrical activity; your heart rhythm; and your body position, eye movements, and muscle toneThe Center for Sleep Medicine's polysomnographers, who perform the tests, are specially trained sleep technicians. A physician sleep specialist interprets all polysomnograms. The Center’s physician and clinical specialist offices will remain at Bridgeport Hospital for all consultation and follow-up visits.

For more information about the Center for Sleep Medicine, or to schedule an appointment, please call at 203-384-3817.