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Birthplace Baby Blocks

We have created the Birthplace Baby Blocks to give you, your family and your friends a special way to celebrate your newest family member-and to honor big brothers and sisters, too! 

With your gift of $100, your child becomes a member of the Birthplace family. His or her name and date of birth will be etched on an individual Birthplace Baby Block, which will be mounted and proudly displayed in The Birthplace for all to see.  Additional Birthplace Baby Blocks may be purchased at any time for your new baby, or to pay tribute to the birth of older children and grandchildren.

To learn more, please call 203-384-3522.

Bridgeport Hospital Foundation
267 Grant Street
Bridgeport, CT 06610
Family At Birth

This class prepares and enables children to attend the birth of their soon-to-be-sibling. The parents, child and a special coach for child, who will be present at the birth must attend. This program is individualized for each family and is a one time 1 ½ hour class. 

Bridgeport Hospital
267 Grant St
Bridgeport, CT 06610
For an appointment:
(203) 384-3339
Womens Services - Additional Resources

Womens Services - Additional Resources

ASPO-Lamaze:  1-800-368-4404

Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis:  203-384-9559

Endometriosis Association:   1-800-992-ENDO

La Leche League (breastfeeding):  1-800-525-3243

Lupus Foundation:   1-877-No Lupus

March of Dimes (Norwalk office):  203-849-9800

March of Dimes (National office):  1-888-MODIMES