Diabetes Services
Adult Diabetes Education Program

Bridgeport Hospital’s Diabetes Education Center is an American Diabetes Association’s Recognized Program. Our diabetes self-management and medical nutrition education programs are designed to empower adults to effectively manage their diabetes. Our certified diabetes educators (CDE’s) are committed to teaching in an easy to understand manner. We meet national standards for diabetes education and are proud to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association since 1999.


Who should attend?


The Adult Diabetes Education Program is for:


  • Newly diagnosed individuals with diabetes

  • Those who have never had Diabetes Self Management Education/Training or Medical Nutrition Therapy for individualized meal planning

  • Individuals wanting refresher education or updates on diabetes care

  • Those whose diabetes has become more difficult to manage, whose diabetes requires the addition of new medications, or whose lifestyle or daily routine have significantly changed, like in the case of retirement, relocation and so on.

Support is greatly needed when you are managing diabetes; you may invite one family member or friend to attend at no cost.


Our Services 


1. Diabetes Self-Management Education / Training Program


GROUP EDUCATION Each person will meet with our registered nurse and our registered dietitian (Both CDE’s) for individual assessments before entering classes. Group classes consist of a series of 4 classes that cover all aspects of diabetes management. Class topics include:


  • Nutrition for health and diabetes meal planning

  • Self-blood glucose monitoring

  • Understanding blood glucose highs and lows

  • Diabetes medication benefits and side effects

  • Physical activity and exercise

  • Preventing diabetes complications

  • Diabetes foot care

  • Problem-solving strategies

  • Coping with stress and change

  • Goal setting for healthy living

  • Preparing for emergencies (illness, disasters)


2. Medical Nutrition Therapy


INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS Individual sessions will be made available for special circumstances. Medical Nutrition Therapy is a key component to successful diabetes management. Our registered dietitian (CDE) will work with you to customize and encourage realistic ways for you to improve your diet. This personalized approach to designing your meal plan considers your food preferences, lifestyle demands and health requirements. Nutritional coaching is designed to encourage steady, slow and achievable changes to help manage blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, as well as other medical conditions that you may have. Carbohydrate management, label reading, food shopping and preparation needs, and weight management are some of the areas that will be addressed. These are individual sessions. We encourage you to seek diabetes self-management training / education and medical nutrition therapy to receive optimal education for your success!


How to register for our program


There are two ways that you may enter the Program:        


1.) Your physician may refer you directly to our program. We will then contact you directly to make the appointment.        


2.) You may call the Diabetes Education Center at 203-336-7305 and our friendly staff will obtain the necessary information to help you. Your physician or healthcare provider must complete our referral form before your first appointment. Upon receiving the completed referral we will provide you with an appointment.

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