At Bridgeport Hospital, we can teach you how to manage your diabetes—whether you’re newly diagnosed, have had diabetes for years, need a refresher course or have had a change in condition or medication.

Our Diabetes Education Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for meeting the highest national standards of care for adults with diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make use of the Diabetes Education Center at Bridgeport Hospital?
There are two ways that you may enter the Program:

  1. Your physician may refer you. We will then contact you directly to make the appointment.
  2. You may call the Diabetes Education Center at 203-336-7305, extension 1, and speak with our secretary to schedule an appointment or receive general information about our program.

We will obtain the necessary referral from your physician or healthcare provider. Your physician or healthcare provider must complete the referral form before your first appointment.

Who conducts the sessions?
Our registered nurse and registered dietitians, all of whom are certified diabetes educators, present the sessions. Certified diabetes educators have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of diabetes.

What is the timeframe for the program?
The program begins with an initial assessment by a dietitian and nurse. There are two ways to progress through our program: individual or group sessions. Group sessions meet once a week for four weeks and last 90 minutes each.

Does my health insurance cover this service?
Health insurance plans can be different, based on the insured and the insurance carrier. We recommend that you call the 1-800 phone number listed on the back of your insurance card to verify what coverage you have. You should ask if both Diabetes Self-Management Training and Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes are covered. Your insurance carrier will inform you what services are covered and what co-payments might apply. You should also ask if your insurance carrier needs a referral from your physician or healthcare provider for this service.

You should attend this program:

  • If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • If you are diagnosed with diabetes and have never had Diabetes Self-Management Education or Medical Nutrition Therapy Education
  • If you feel you need an educational refresher course
  • If your diabetes condition is worsening and /or medication changes have occurred
  • If your lifestyle has recently changed and you need guidance on adjusting your diabetes lifestyle, for instance, if you are recently retired, or have a new job or new work hours.

If you desire, you may bring a support person with you during your visits.

Please be aware that we do not replace your physician or healthcare provider. We look forward to working with you to help design your role in managing your diabetes.

Getting Started

There are two ways to begin:

  1. Your physician may refer you to Bridgeport Hospital’s Diabetes Education Center. He or she will initiate the referral, and we will contact you to make an appointment.
  2. You can call the Diabetes Education Center at 203-336-7305, extension 1. We will send your physician a referral form to complete. We must have the completed referral form before your first appointment.

Please Note: A doctor’s referral does not guarantee payment by your insurance carrier. Please call your insurance company to verify the coverage for “Diabetes Self-Management Training” and “Medical Nutrition Therapy” for Diabetes or Pre-diabetes.

Our Programs Include:

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