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At Bridgeport Hospital, we can teach you how to manage your diabetes—whether you’re newly diagnosed, have had diabetes for years, need a refresher course or have had a change in condition or medication.

The Diabetes Education and Management Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for meeting the highest national standards of care for adults with diabetes. You should attend this program:

  • If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • If you are diagnosed with diabetes and have never had Diabetes Self-Management Education or Medical Nutrition Therapy Education
  • If you feel you need an educational refresher course
  • If your diabetes condition is worsening and /or medication changes have occurred
  • If your lifestyle has recently changed and you need guidance on how to manage your diabetes treatment, for instance, if you are recently retired, or have a new job or new work hours.

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The Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training Program teaches you ways to control your blood sugar levels and improve your health. You can meet with the diabetes educators (advanced practice registered nurse and registered dietitian) one-on-one or in group sessions. Family members are also welcome to attend meetings. The sessions are interactive and focus on self-care behaviors.

Patients and their families will learn more about:
  • Causes of diabetes
  • Preventing short- and long-term complications
  • Consistent carbohydrate counting for diabetes meal planning
  • Self-blood glucose monitoring
  • Understanding blood glucose highs and lows
  • Diabetes medication benefits and side effects
  • Physical activity and exercise
  • Diabetes foot care
  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Coping with stress and illness
  • Goal setting for healthy living
  • Emergencies

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a therapeutic approach to preventing or treating a medical condition such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease or obesity. A registered nurse will tailor a diet to meet your needs and monitor your progress. By managing your diet, you can control blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.

Topics may include:
  • Matching insulin to carbohydrates
  • Strategies for change (e.g., goal setting, modeling behavior, positive feedback)
  • Individualized meal plan guides
  • Healthy food choices and combinations
  • Consistent carbohydrate counting for diabetes meal planning
  • Food labels
  • Portion control
  • Meal timing
  • Blood sugar and food

For more information about Nutrition services, visit our Nutrition and Wellness Center.

Does my health insurance cover this service?

Many insurance plans and managed care insurers (Medicare and Medicaid) will cover diabetes education and nutrition therapy, with a physician referral. If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, call us.