Gestational Diabetes affects one out of every 20-30 pregnancies. It results in high levels of sugar circulating in the mother's blood. These high sugar levels can cause the unborn baby to grow so large that it can't safely be delivered vaginally. In severe cases, high levels of sugar can be harmful, even fatal, to the baby. Bridgeport Hospital's Gestational Diabetes program closely follows women with diabetes to help them control their blood sugar levels.

This comprehensive program offers -

  • education and counseling by a certified diabetes education nurse before, during, and after pregnancy
  • diabetes management by the perinatologists (specialists in high-risk pregnancies) of Bridgeport Hospital's Antenatal Testing Unit

Members of the Gestational Diabetes team include -

  • perinatologists
  • diabetes nurse educators
  • dieticians

We work with your physician to coordinate your care, helping to ensure the best possible outcome for your pregnancy.

Bridgeport Hospital's Gestational Diabetes Program has been awarded recognition by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs. For more information, please call Bridgeport Hospital's Antenatal Testing Center at 203-384-4719.