The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Nurse Anesthesia concentration, offered in conjunction with Bridgeport Hospital and Bridgeport Anesthesia Associates, is a full-time, partially frontloaded program, designed to meet the practice doctorate standards set forth by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs. Students who complete the full-time, 36-month program earn a Doctor of Nurse Practice degree from Fairfield University and a Certificate in Nurse Anesthesia from Bridgeport Hospital.

The program prepares students as expert clinicians for every stage and in every setting in which anesthesia is delivered to patients. Because nurse anesthetists are responsible for direct patient care, students gain hands-on experience in a variety of regional (neuraxial and peripheral blocks) and general anesthesia techniques under the supervision of CRNA and M.D. faculty. Nurse anesthesia students work not only on “routine” surgical cases, they enhance their preparation by participating in trauma, major burn, and high-risk obstetrical cases.

In addition to becoming expert clinicians, graduates of the DNP program will be healthcare leaders who will care for a cohort of patients within their specialty, while using a cross-population perspective to assess, manage and evaluate common problems. Graduates will apply knowledge about organizations, business management, information technology and policy-making to improve systems of healthcare delivery. They are prepared to assume a variety of leadership roles including executive positions in healthcare organizations, directors of clinical programs and university-based faculty positions with a clinical focus.

The certification pass rate is currently 100 percent for first-time test takers. One-hundred percent of our graduates obtain employment within six months of graduation. The attrition rate for the most recent graduating class is 7 percent (1/13).

Program Policies
Non Discrimination Policy
Fairfield University & Bridgeport Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program encourages and gives full consideration to all qualified applicants for admission and financial aid regardless of race, gender, sex, religion, color, national origin, marital status, non-disqualifying disability, sexual orientation or any factor protected by law. The Program is interested in attracting candidates who are qualified and suited to the profession of nurse anesthesia.

Professional Conduct
It is the Program's policy to encourage the highest standards of conduct within the Hospital, University and the Community. Graduate students, as citizens, are subject to all federal and state laws in addition to all Program regulations governing student conduct and responsibilities. Students in violation of conduct policies may be subject to disciplinary action or dismissal.

Academic Integrity
Academic honesty is essential for maintaining the relationship of trust that is the foundation of the educational process. It is a standard of ones profession. Both the Program and the University hold this standard in high regard. Violation of academic honesty will result in sanctions imposed under the Program and/or University's disciplinary system. The outcome of this behavior may result in a failing grade, suspension or dismissal from the program.

Student Employment
Due to the heavy time commitment, the Program discourages student employment. Students who have an employment commitment must establish work schedules that do not conflict with Program responsibilities. These responsibilities include clinical and academic attendance and performance.

RN's may not be employed to practice anesthesia at any time during their enrollment in the nurse anesthesia program.