Winter 2005
Ask the Expert: Weight Loss surgery

I weigh 125 pounds more than my ideal weight. I have high blood pressure and diabetes, and I’m constantly exhausted. Plus, my hips hurt when I walk. Should I be thinking about stomach stapling surgery?

Daniel D. Tran, MD, director of the Weight Management Center at Bridgeport Hospital, replies:

Simply being obese can cause all of the physical symptoms you mention. Losing most of that weight can often do away with high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain, and other conditions, returning you to a healthier life.

Bariatric surgery, sometimes called stomach stapling, reduces the size of the stomach so it holds only a few tablespoons of food. This can be very helpful for seriously overweight people who have been unable to lose weight any other way.

The decision is up to you. Talk it over with your personal physician. And to learn more, go to our website,

If you don’t have web access, call 1-888-357-2396 for a 28-page booklet about bariatric surgery.

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