Summer 2005

Isn't it hard, sometimes, to drag your sweats out of the closet and gear yourself up for that heart-healthy walk you keep promising yourself? Well, here's a wonderful way to put some fun into your heart-health routine— complete with eight gourmet meals! Just sign up for Project Heart Smart, Bridgeport Hospital's popular eight-week series of classes, which starts on September 26, 2005. Better yet, bring a friend along!

Each three-hour group session includes exercise, stress reduction techniques, education, plenty of fun and comradeship— and a gourmet heart-smart meal catered by Fairfield's Centro Restaurant! Your instructors include a cardiologist, cardiac nurse, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, and yoga instructor.

Your cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure will be monitored throughout the program.

That's eight great evenings of fun and education—and, at no extra charge, you'll get the skills and support it takes to make permanent lifestyle changes that will improve your health! So sign up and spend a few heartfelt evenings with your sweetheart (or maybe someone you just like a lot).