Fall 2005
National Healthcare Rating OrganizationRanks the Heart Institute at BridgeportHospital #1 in Connecticut

It's your only heart. Or maybe it's your spouse's or your parent's only heart. For all those important hearts that are close to your heart, you want only the best in cardiac care. But how do you know which heart hospital is the best?

How about listening to what HealthGrades®, a national independent healthcare rating organization, has to say?

HealthGrades has ranked the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital "Best (#1) in Connecticut for Overall Cardiac Services" for 2006.

In particular, Bridgeport Hospital received Five-Star Ratings for
Coronary Interventional Procedures (opening blocked heart arteries)
Treatment of Heart Attack
Treatment of Heart Failure
Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (faulty heart rhythm)

More than 40 years of experience have raised the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital to a higher level than any other hospital in Fairfield County. Other hospitals may build and promote their cardiac programs, but they cannot buy or replicate the success that comes from working – for four decades – as a finely tuned machine. These years of experience, offered only by the Bridgeport Hospital Heart Institute team, are priceless!