Spring 2003
Would You Know What to Do if Chest Pain Strikes?

If you or someone you love were having chest pain that lasted longer than five minutes, would you know what to do?

Here's what the experts in the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital advise: Take one aspirin to help reduce blood clots, and call 911!

When the ambulance arrives, it would be wise to ask the crew to take you to Bridgeport Hospital. Here are two good reasons why:

  1. Bridgeport Hospital has the first and most experienced Chest Pain Center in New England for the swift diagnosis of chest pain
  2. Bridgeport Hospital was granted a Five Star Rating (the highest possible) for treatment of heart attacks by HealthGrades, Inc., an independent healthcare rating organization.

In The Chest Pain Center at Bridgeport Hospital, we have the expertise it takes to stop your heart attack in its tracks!