Winter 2008
Howard’s Heart
Feature Story
Why do surgeons from Long Island and Albany travel to Bridgeport Hospital? (Hint: It’s not for the palm trees!) Physicians choose to bypass dozens of other hospitals along the way for the expert training provided by Bridgeport Hospital Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery M. Clive Robinson, MD. Dr. Robinson is one of only a handful of surgeons in the country who performs an innovative minimally invasive heart procedure called MiniMaze.
In this issue...
For many women, pelvic adhesions and complex pelvic masses can lead to chronic abdominal pain, tenderness and even infertility. Until recently, open surgery was the only way to remove them. But thanks to the advanced techniques of minimally invasive surgery (also referred to as laparoscopic surgery), surgeons can perform many operations through a few tiny openings.

You’re 40 pounds overweight, and you’re tired—tired of huffing and puffing, and tired of feeling unhealthy. You’ve tried diets and plans before, but nothing has worked. You need something different. You need one-on-one emotional and medical support to help you change your patterns.

My father had a stroke in his 60s and I’m very worried that history will repeat itself with me. What can I do to prevent having a stroke?

Until 1846—the year anesthesia was officially introduced—patients had to bite the bullet when it came to pain during surgery. Those who endured the excruciating, terrifying ordeal often had nightmares about the experience for the rest of their lives. Today, thanks to research, time-tested medications and the modern anesthesia care team, there are options available to make surgery as comfortable and pain-free as possible.