August 2000
Bridgeport Hospital's New Well-Baby Nursery
    Building for Tomorrow,
    Keeping You Up-To-Date on
    Bridgeport Hospital's $30-million Renovation Program

Well-Baby Nursery As the elevator doors part on the 5th floor, it's like stepping into sunlight. You're immediately bathed in the brightness and warm, pastel colors of Bridgeport Hospital's new Well-Baby Nursery. You can peer through large picture windows into the spacious room. The daylight from the outside windows hangs like an artist's canvas on the back wall. It looks like a boutique for the most precious gifts in the hospital: tiny new lives.

This is where newborns stay when they're not rooming in with their moms.

Tour The Birthplace—In Person or Online

Come and see the Birthplace! Bridgeport Hospital offers a number of tours of The Birthplace for expectant families:

  • For expectant parents: (adults only) — Guided tour of birthing rooms, well-baby nursery, newborn intensive care unit, and postpartum units.
  • For soon-to-be-siblings: Guided tour of The Birthplace and nursery; includes story time about the new baby, learning how to hold and diaper a baby, and many more fun activities for big brothers and sisters.

To register for a personal tour, call 203-384-3510. Or you can visit The Birthplace on this website!