Winter 2004
Living Well with Diabetes

You’ve been diagnosed with diabetes , and it seems as if your life has been turned upside down. Now all at once you have a new diet; you have to monitor your blood sugars two or three times a day; you might even have to take medications. And failure to properly follow the guidelines can leave you feeling really ill. How will you and your family cope with all of these changes?

Bridgeport Hospital has a program that is dedicated to helping adults with diabetes to answer that question. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a long time, this program is for you!

"Living Well With Diabetes" is a four-week program taught by specially trained nurses, nurse practitioners, certified diabetes educators, and a registered dietician.

The two-hour classes meet once a week for four weeks. You may choose to come to one, two, three, or all four of the classes, depending on your needs . The topics covered include—

Class One

Types of diabetes

  Blood sugar monitoring

  Preventing low and high blood sugar

  Ways to manage diabetes.

  Carbohydrates and how they affect your blood sugar

Class Two

  Medications for diabetes control

  Herbal medications

  What to do when you exercise


  Nutritional management when you exercise

Class Three

  Preventing complications of diabetes

  Staying healthy

  Dietary fats

  Cholesterol and lipids (blood fats)

Class Four

  Stress and coping with diabetes

  What to do when you travel

  Sick-day rules

  Meal planning

  Dining out

  Shopping guidelines

  Weight management

There is a nominal charge for each adult with diabetes. Family members may accompany the participant at no charge. Ask your insurance company if they provide reimbursement for diabetes education programs.

Living well with diabetes: you can do it! And Bridgeport Hospital is here to help.

For information on days, times, location, and costs for this group program, or to register, please call us anytime, at 888-357-2396. We can also provide information about our Gestational Diabetes Program (Diabetes of pregnancy).

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