Winter 2004
Monitoring Vital Signs at Home!
Monitoring your vital signs at home is easy, with the help of United VNA.

How do you cope when someone you love is ill and needs to have vital signs monitored daily? If a parent or other loved one is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or perhaps congestive heart failure, you know how their condition can change day-to-day.

United Visiting Nurse Association’s Telemonitoring Service is the answer to your prayers. With this all-inclusive system, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugars, and even the symptoms your parent feels can all be monitored and evaluated right at home.

A United VNA nurse will bring you the medical equipment needed to perform these simple procedures, show you and your loved one how to use the equipment and demonstrate how to send the results to your nurse over your telephone line. The nurse then provides this information to your physician.

In this way, your United VNA nurse and physician receive a steady stream of accurate and timely data about your parent’s condition and can tell quickly if he or she needs a change in treatment. The system will even alert your nurse when your loved one needs special attention, so he or she will get the necessary care when it’s needed.

The United VNA Home Telemonitoring Service is covered by Medicare for those who are acutely ill and are being treated under a physician-ordered home care plan. You can also pay privately on a monthly basis


For more information, please call Dariel Muldoon, United VNA,
at 330-5419.

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