Spring 2004
The Children's Emergency Center at Bridgeport Hospital:Only the BEST for Your Child!

It's every parent's worst nightmare: Your child is injured or falls seriously ill, and it´s 10:30 p.m. Your doctor's office is closed.

When it comes to your child, only the best will do. So where should you go?

If the injury or illness is severe, call 911 and ask the ambulance to take you to The Children's Emergency Center at Bridgeport Hospital.

If the situation is not ambulance-worthy, bring your child yourself. It´s easy-we´re just a short hop from I-95 or Route 8.

Why Bridgeport Hospital? Because Bridgeport Hospital is consistently rated the most preferred hospital in the area for children´s care.

Sick or injured children are, of course, cared for 24 hours a day in the Emergency Department at Bridgeport Hospital. But between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight, seven days a week, children are seen in a special kids-only area called The Children's Emergency Center.

"We have doctors and nurses with extra expertise in caring for-and caring about-kids," says Michael Werdmann, MD, chairman of Emergency Medicine, who is board-certified in Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. "Bridgeport Hospital also has specialists in Pediatric Critical Care, Pediatric Pulmonology (for asthma attacks and other breathing problems), Pediatric Cardiology, and Pediatric Nephrology (for kidney problems)."

Thomas Kennedy, MD, chairman of Pediatrics at Bridgeport Hospital, calls the creation of The Children's Emergency Center "one of the most significant enhancements in pediatric care in Fairfield County in the past 15 years. Not only that," he adds, "but Bridgeport Hospital also provides around-the-clock care by pediatricians and pediatric nurses in our P.T. Barnum Pediatric Center and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit." All that expertise tells you that Bridgeport Hospital has the best Emergency Center for your child. And to help your child feel better the moment he or she arrives, there are toys and a fish tank in the special waiting area, and the halls and rooms are cheery, colorful, and covered with fish paintings created by kids for kids!

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