Winter 2005
Why Your Heart's in the Right Place
at Bridgeport Hospital

For people like Paul Augustine, Donna Nardone, Robert Zawadski, and thousands of others who have chosen Bridgeport Hospital over the past two decades, Bridgeport Hospital is the heart hospital of choice. When they want the latest technology and physician expertise to care for the only heart they have, they know exactly where to go.

Bridgeport Hospital's Heart Institute has been at the forefront of outstanding and compassionate cardiac care for more than 20 years. We offer the full breadth of services including advanced diagnostics, angioplasty and stent procedures, cardiac bypass surgery and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, just to name a few. Bridgeport Hospital patients also have the opportunity to participate in ground breaking clinical trials, and we are proud of the contribution we have made to the development of new procedures, medications, and devices (such as drug-eluting stents). These all help to combat cardiac disease and benefit our patients.

What further sets the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital apart from all other programs is our experienced staff. Their many years of working together is crucial to providing life-saving care in a quick, thorough manner. Other hospitals may build and promote their cardiac programs, but they cannot buy or replicate the success that comes from working – for two decades – as a finely oiled machine. This experience, offered only by the Bridgeport Hospital Heart Institute team, is priceless!

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