Summer 2005
REACH—for Mental Well-Being

At age 50, your husband has been diagnosed with heart disease, and during the past months, this once lively and outgoing man has become a different person. Anxious and nervous, he spends most of his time watching TV, and rarely leaves the house, even to visit family. Worse, he's starting to have memory problems, and he's lost his appetite. He's on a leave of absence from work. His physician is as concerned as you are, and is even considering hospitalizing your husband for treatment of his depression.

Is there any way to help your husband come out of this slump and get back his enthusiasm for life, without the need for in-hospital care? You and your husband might consider talking to his physician about a referral to Bridgeport Hospital's REACH Program. This outpatient mental health service offers a choice of several programs that could be just what your husband needs.

Treatment is provided by a team that includes a board-certified psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, social workers, art therapists, substance abuse counselors, and support staff. In consultation with your husband's physician, this team can determine what types of therapy your husband needs, and how often.

Treatment may include medications; individual, group, couples, or family therapy; support; education; and skill-building sessions that can help him to cope with his depression and even make the transition back to work. With help from REACH, he can find himself again.

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