Winter 2006
BRIDGEPORT HOSPITAL: "One of America’s 100 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals" and "Best in Connecticut"

In Fairfield County, there are several hospitals that provide good cardiac care. So how do you know which hospital can take the best care of the most important hearts in the world: yours and your loved ones'?

How about learning the results from two major, independent national healthcare studies?

Solucient, LLC, named Bridgeport Hospital a 100 Top Hospitals® Cardiovascular Winner for 2005.

HealthGrades® ranked Bridgeport Hospital Number One in Connecticut for Overall Cardiac Services and presented Bridgeport Hospital with its 2006 Cardiac Care Excellence Award™.

Bridgeport Hospital is the ONLY hospital in Connecticut to receive ALL of these prestigious Cardiac Care designations.

The Details

Solucient, LLC

In its analysis of US hospitals in 2005, Solucient identified 100 hospitals across the country (among them Bridgeport Hospital) that are setting benchmark levels of performance for cardiovascular services. (A benchmark is a high standard that other hospitals can aspire to.) The analysis focused on clinical quality and cost-effectiveness.

According to the Solucient study, the 100 benchmark hospitals have nearly 18 percent fewer heart-related deaths than other hospitals of the same size, and 13 percent fewer complications. Bottom line: The study determined that patients at the highest-rated hospitals, like Bridgeport Hospital, return to everyday life faster than those at lower rated hospitals.


In its Eighth Annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America Study, HealthGrades rated every hospital in the U.S. except federal (veterans and public health service) institutions, based on clinical results. They wanted to know: How many patients went home with healthier hearts? How were the patients doing one month later? Six months later?

If the results were better than expected, based on national data, the hospital received a five-star rating. If the results were as expected, the hospital received a three-star rating. If the results were worse than expected, the hospital received only one star.

For cardiac services, the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital was in the 10–15 percent that exceeded expectations. Bridgeport Hospital received five stars for Coronary Interventional Procedures, Treatment of Heart Attack, Treatment of Heart Failure and Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (faulty heart rhythm).

Why does this matter to you? Because, according to the HealthGrades study, a typical patient is sixty-five percent less likely to die at the nation's highest-rated hospitals (including Bridgeport Hospital) compared with the lowest-rated.

That's the kind of information you need when you're deciding where to treat that heart you love so well.


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