Spring 2006
The Return of the House Call!

Suppose your 60–year-old mother or father needs medical care, but can't leave home to go to the doctor's office. He or she can depend on Bridgeport Hospital's Home Visit Group!

These dedicated geriatricians (physicians specializing in the medical care of the elderly) and certified nurse practitioners can be your parents' primary care providers, right in their home. They will begin with a physical, mental and emotional examination to get a picture of his or her overall condition. Then regular follow-up home visits can be scheduled, for services including blood pressure checks, blood tests, and more.

The home visits will alternate between a doctor and a nurse practitioner, so each caregiver can get to know your parent, and he or she can get to know them.

If your loved one needs to go to the hospital at any point, Bridgeport Hospital will provide treatment. Our expert hospital specialists will provide care in consultation with the Home Visit Group.

To receive care from the Home Visit Group, patients need to be age 55 or older, AND unable to leave home for physical or mental health reasons, AND covered by healthcare insurance or willing to pay out of pocket.

For more information, or for an appointment with the Home Visit Group, call 203-384-3388.