Early Spring 2007
CANCER: Da Vinci…and Daffodils!
CANCER: Da Vinci…and Daffodils!

Da Vinci: Better surgery to get you back to the life you love!

Bridgeport Hospital is the only area hospital currently using the da Vinci "S"® Surgical System. This advanced, robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery is the fastest-growing treatment for prostate cancer.

Using the revolutionary da Vinci "S" Surgical System, Bridgeport Hospital is taking minimally invasive surgery to futuristic levels of accuracy!

Daffodils: A symbol of hope!

For your FREE daffodils, or more information about the da Vinci "S" Surgical System, call us toll free, 24/7, at 1-888-357-2396.

The Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute at Bridgeport Hospital delivers care to nearly 1,100 newly diagnosed cancer patients each year—more than any other hospital in Fairfield County.

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