Spring 2011
You Have a Choice—Experience Matters!

Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gynecologic Conditions

When considering robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery, keep in mind that that since January 2007, Bridgeport Hospital physicians have performed more than 500 gynecologic procedures and 1,000 procedures overall using robotic technology—more than any other hospital in Fairfield County.

“Compared to traditional open surgery, most women who have robot-assisted minimally invasive procedures have less blood loss during surgery, a shorter hospital stay, less scarring, less post-operative pain and a lower risk of infection,” says Bridgeport Hospital Chief of Gynecologic Oncology Masoud Azodi, MD, who has performed hundreds of complicated gynecologic surgeries using this technology. “Many patients can resume their regular activities in less time than with traditional surgical methods.”

These days, more and more hospitals have similar technology. But what really matters is the experience of the surgical team.

With its flexible robotic arms and sophisticated threedimensional imaging system, the da Vinci “S” Surgical System allows physicians to perform delicate procedures through tiny incisions with unprecedented precision. The small incisions result in less blood loss, less pain, less scarring and a lower risk of infection.

Bridgeport Hospital gynecologic surgeons who are trained to use the da Vinci “S” Surgical System:

Bridgeport Hospital surgeons are also trained to use the da Vinci “S” Surgical System to treat colorectal and urological (bladder, prostate and renal cancer) conditions. For information, please visit www2.bridgeporthospital.org/surgery/robotic or call us toll free 24/7, at 1-800-794-5013.
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