Summer 2002
Bridgeport Hospital Babies on the Web!

Bridgeport Hospital's Online Nursery When you bring your new baby home, you wish your whole family could be there to see that she has her mommy's long fingers, or he has his daddy's curly hair. But with families spread out from coast to coast and around the globe, that's not always possible. You can do the next best thing, though, if your baby is born in The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital. If you wish, The Birthplace will post a photograph of your pride and joy in the FREE Online Nursery on the Bridgeport Hospital web site.

"The Online Nursery is a wonderful convenience for parents who want to share the good news of their child's birth with loved ones. It's particularly nice for those who live too far away to visit the baby in person," says Denise Walsh, RN, clinical services manager of the Women's Care Center at Bridgeport Hospital.

The photos can be viewed only with a confidential user identification number provided to the parents. From the hospital's home page, far-away friends and family can follow the links to the Online Nursery and use the identification number to view the baby's photo. The photo will remain on the web site for 90 days.

The Online Nursery is the latest addition to The Birthplace section of Bridgeport Hospital's award-winning web site. By clicking on the picture of the triplets on the hospital's home page, virtual visitors can also take a tour of The Birthplace at Bridgeport Hospital. They can see what your room looks like, take a quick peek at the nursery, and even see some of the staff.

The Online Nursery at Bridgeport Hospital helps you share your happiness with all of your extended family!