Spring 2012
An Award-Winning Passport for the Cancer Care Journey
You’ve been told it’s cancer. You’re shocked…afraid…overwhelmed. And now you face a surge of complicated and important information at a time when you already have too much on your mind.

Men and women with cancer embarking on their journey of care with The Norma F. Pfriem Cancer Institute are provided with a Patient Passport. Developed by Bridgeport Hospital, it’s a booklet that enables patients and their families to more easily navigate their individual cancer care journey. Patients can easily keep track of appointments, medications, complementary therapies, questions for caregivers and other aspects of their care. “I take it everywhere; it is always in my purse,” says one cancer survivor. “It is so convenient to write everything down in one place, rather than having to store the details in my head. I love it.”

Caregivers from around the country have taken notice. The Patient Passport received a national innovator award from the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) in 2011. As a result, other hospitals have contacted Bridgeport Hospital to learn how they can adopt the Patient Passport for their own cancer programs.

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