Summer 2002
Lower Your Golf Handicap by 5 Strokes!

Golf shot Aha! We thought that might catch your eye! And it's true, you can do it! Here's how: Sign up for Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers' special six-week, 12-session strength and conditioning program for golfers.

"My slogan is, 'Your body is your 15th club,'" says Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers physical therapist Tim Durant, who teaches the course. "Don't go out and buy a $1,500 set of new clubs. Turn your body into that legal 15th club. Get yourself a new body, filled with improved health and golf longevity."

The program is designed to improve your flexibility, balance, and endurance; and increase your strength. Result: longer distances and more accurate shots. A video analysis of your swing is included, as well as accuracy and distance calculations with a driver, 3 wood, 7 iron, and pitching wedge.

The exercise program will show you what it takes to improve your entire game, prevent back injuries, maintain your concentration, and reach your golf goals. Just 30 minutes of golf-specific exercise three times a week can help to improve concentration as well as your strength and agility.

And lower your handicap by five strokes!

The class is open to golfers of all ages and any skill level. For information about days, times, locations, and costs, call Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers, 203-459-1600.