Winter 2002
Center for Sleep Medicine Quiz
1) Are you extremely sleepy during the day?   Yes No
2) Do you fall asleep or feel sleepy during work, dinner, or while entertaining friends or driving?   Yes No
3) Do you snore loudly at night?   Yes No
4) Do you stop breathing for short periods at night?   Yes No
5) Do you wake up frequently at night?   Yes No
6) Are you restless at night (do you hit, kick, or slap)?   Yes No
7) Do you walk in your sleep?   Yes No
8) Do you wet the bed?   Yes No
9) Do you have morning headaches?   Yes No
10) Are you confused when you wake up and have great difficulty "getting going"?   Yes No
11) Have family or friends complained about disturbing changes in your personality?   Yes No
12) Do you occasionally forget about tasks you've already finished?   Yes No
13) Do you sometimes see things that aren't there (hallucinations)?   Yes No
14) Do you have trouble maintaining attention and concentrating?   Yes No
15) Do you have "spells" when you unexpe
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