Late Summer 2003
Varicose Veins
Feature Story
Today’s Treatments are a Walk in the Park!
For many people, varicose veins are a cosmetic concern. But for others, they can cause aching pain and discomfort—enough to make a brisk walk something to avoid. And sometimes the condition leads to more serious problems, such as open sores.
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At Wonneberger family gatherings, the question on everyone's lips isn't "How have you been?" It's …
"Have You Been Screened?"
Regular Screenings Prevent Colon Cancer

If you don't like the idea of colon screenings (and who does?), and you think the benefits aren't worth the discomfort, there’s a family we'd like you to meet: siblings Bob and John Wonneberger and Lissa Wonneberger Kowalski, whose family history makes them perfect poster people for the importance of regular colon screenings.

Fish are probably not the first thing you think of when your daughter falls off her bike and needs stitches—but fish may be the memory she takes away from her visit to The Children’s Emergency Center at Bridgeport Hospital.

Bridgeport Hospital’s "Project Heart Smart" will give you the tools, skills and support needed to help you make permanent changes in your lifestyle that will improve your heart health.

I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I know there are a lot of options for treatment, but I’m leaning toward radiation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of radiation?

Paul Berger, MD, chief of Radiation Medicine at Bridgeport Hospital, responds:

"It’s like someone is giving me a hug."

That’s what a delighted patient at Bridgeport Hospital’s Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center said when she first wrapped her Healing Shawl around her shoulders.