Spring 2005
Riley Simpson: Wow!
Feature Story
Riley Simpson got off to a rough start, but he caught up in a hurry, thanks to expert treatment in the Newborn intensive Care Unit at Bridgeport Hospital. Here’s a story that has not only a happy ending, but a surprise ending too!
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Bridgeport Hospital’s 20–bed Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NBICU) is a Level III (highest level) NBICU where premature, low-birthweight, or critically ill newborns are given loving, expert care.

It's the final game in the final set. You're at ad-in… you reach up to ace your final tennis serve and—OWW! There's a stabbing pain in your shoulder. It's your old friend, tendinitis, back again to make every movement a pain in the joint.

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Connecticut residents are lucky to have a large number of excellent hospitals from which to choose. So how do you know which of them is the right one for you? Of course, you'll first want to talk with your physician. And then you may want to find out what special services various hospitals offer to meet your specific needs.

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