Fall 2005
Caring for Cary
Feature Story
It takes special knowledge and equipment to treat a burn victim. And it takes special skill and understanding to treat a child. When the burn victim is a child, expertise must rise to the very highest level—like that found at Bridgeport Hospital.
In this issue...
Here's a magic trick worthy of P.T. Barnum: How do you fit an elephant in your mailbox?

All she did was bump into something while she was cleaning her Oxford home. No big deal—just a little cut on her leg, about half the size of a dime...

It's your only heart. Or maybe it's your spouse's or your parent's only heart. For all those important hearts that are close to your heart, you want only the best in cardiac care. But how do you know which heart hospital is the best?

"This program offers hope that wasn't available to stroke victims in the past" she adds. "It verges on the miraculous."

Bridgeport Hospital offers hundreds of classes, events, and groups to help keep our community—and your family—healthy!

Looking for a place to keep track of important information—such as doctor appointments and other upcoming events?

My brother is being treated with radiation therapy for cancer. I'd like to have a better understanding of what radiation therapy does.

When you need a hospital for your family’s healthcare, you want only the best. How do you know which is the best? Ask the experts.