Winter 2006
BRIDGEPORT HOSPITAL: "One of America’s 100 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals" and "Best in Connecticut"
Feature Story
In Fairfield County, there are several hospitals that provide good cardiac care. So how do you know which hospital can take the best care of the most important hearts in the world: yours and your loved ones'?
In this issue...
Get a jump on Valentine's Day! During the week of February 5–11, take your sweetheart out to a fine dining establishment that's guaranteed to serve a delicious heart-healthy meal—approved by the heart doctors of Bridgeport Hospital!

The sports world boasts a number of cups, from the America's Cup to the Ryder Cup. But here's a cup that's much more important: the Heart Fruit Cup. It's full of apples and pears, and the important thing for you to know is, which are you?

Handy FREE measuring tape!

Okay, so maybe you don't think you'll win a championship any time soon, but after taking the Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers' eight–week golf-fitness program, who knows? The best golfers understand that a sport-specific workout program helps them to play their best…and it can do the same for you.

I know that if I stop smoking, it will help to lower my blood pressure. But it's proving even harder than I expected. Any hints to make quitting easier?