Autumn 2002
The Young Doctor, His Aunt Susan, and the World's Greatest Showman: Bridgeport Hospital's Beginnings
Feature Story
In 1878—125 years ago—Bridgeport Hospital was formally incorporated—the very first real hospital in Fairfield County and the third in Connecticut. The city's mayor, world-famous showman P.T. Barnum, was named the first president of the hospital, and fund-raising began in earnest.
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Is someone you know a patient at Bridgeport Hospital? Send them cheerful messages every weekday—fast and free!—with Bridgeport Hospital's CheerGrams! CheerGrams are delivered the same day you send them.

It's uncomfortable, it's embarrassing—and it's much more common than you think. About 13,000,000 American adults have urinary incontinence at some point in their lives, and six out of seven of them are women—of all ages.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but sometimes it's hard to find out how to get healthy and stay that way.

Let Bridgeport Hospital & Healthcare Services' Healthy Way open the door to a world of wellness for you and your family.

Watching a loved one adrift on the sea of Alzheimer's Disease can be like losing your own anchor. You may feel lost, helpless, lonely, frustrated, and afraid. You know there are resources in the community to help your loved one, but isn't there help for you?

My dad sometimes seems a little forgetful—and sometimes he seems sharper than I am! How do I know if his memory lapses are a sign of something serious, or just normal absent-mindedness?

Mary Cilio, RN, MSW (Masters in Social Work), of Bridgeport Hospital's Fairfield County Senior Care Center, replies:

With winter weather coming on, you may well be wondering where you can do your walking. A word to the wise: Westfield's Walking to Wellness is the way to go.

New Digital Imaging Tool Enhances Care in the Heart Institute Autumn 2002 If someone you love has heart disease, here's heartening news from the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital. Now more people may qualify for angioplasty to unblock heart arteries, and fewer people may need to undergo bypass surgery, thanks to a new and more sophisticated IVUS—intravascular (within the blood vessel) ultrasound.