Late Summer 2002
Breast Cancer: We'll Get Through It Together
Feature Story
The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center is helping one young woman, her family, and her friends to handle breast cancer with a swift diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, and plenty of support.
In this issue...
"There are two things we can all do to make sure we enjoy a good quality of life as we get older," says Beata Skudlarska, MD, chief of Geriatrics at Bridgeport Hospital. "We can exercise, and we can make sure to get enough calcium in our diets."

Stents. When these little mesh scaffolds were first introduced to hold open heart arteries after angioplasty, they were hailed as a breakthrough. The experts in The Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital quickly recognized their value, and used them to reduce the chances of re-stenosis. (That’s when the newly opened artery recloses, making repeat angioplasty necessary.)