Early Fall 2009
Cradled with Care
Feature Story
Southport’s Gwen Powell remembers the soft lighting, the serene music, the aromatherapy, the special pillows… and drifting off to sleep. But this wasn’t a day at the spa, it was a postnatal (after baby is born) massage— a gift from her husband, Scott—in her room in Bridgeport Hospital’s Women’s Care Center, just a day after giving birth to their sweet baby girl, Olivia.
In this issue...
If you have diabetes, you know how overwhelming it can seem just to stay healthy. You’ve had to change your eating habits, add exercise to your routine and learn how to check your blood sugar levels using a blood glucose monitor.

Is there a bump, sore or ache in your foot that you’ve put off asking your doctor about? When was the last time you had your feet professionally examined? Foot and toe problems can be the first sign of serious medical conditions. So take a step in the right direction! It may be the time to visit a podiatrist, podiatric surgeon or podiatric orthopedist.

When you are ready to begin making healthcare choices, we invite you to take advantage of this free service by contacting our Concierge, Joanna.

You may have heard about robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery, but did you know that Bridgeport Hospital physicians have performed more than 700 procedures—more than any other hospital in Fairfield County?