Summer 2002
"Good, Safe Medicine"
Feature Story
Bridgeport Hospital's Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program helped this Stratford mother deliver a healthy baby in spite of a high-risk pregnancy.
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Your wife, your daughter, your best friend...someone you love has just given birth and you're searching your soul for the perfect gift. One that will be even cuddlier than a fleecy receiving blanket; even more useful than baby blue (or blush pink) onesies; even more meaningful than a silver picture frame.

When you bring your new baby home, you wish your whole family could be there to see that she has her mommy's long fingers, or he has his daddy's curly hair. But with families spread out from coast to coast and around the globe, that's not always possible. You can do the next best thing...

Aha! We thought that might catch your eye! And it's true, you can do it! Here's how: Sign up for Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers' special six-week, 12-session strength and conditioning program for golfers.

I have a family history of heart disease — including CHF (congestive heart failure). I don't have any symptoms yet — what can I do to avoid getting CHF myself?

Diane Rydzy, RN, of the Heart Institute at Bridgeport Hospital, replies

Today, we're beginning to realize that our grandmothers—once again—were right. That bronzed glow we used to bake for is not healthy—it's an invitation to wrinkled, leathery skin, and even worse—skin cancer. Now, few of us would venture out for a day in the sun without a good sunscreen.

Are you looking for a way to honor your parents? remember your grandparents? thank the Heart Institute for saving your husband's life? give a meaningful gift to the person who already has everything? The Bridgeport Hospital Foundation has the perfect gift: generosity! And the perfect way to do it: online!