June 2013
Sleep Center Moves to Northwest 6

The Center for Sleep Medicine has moved from West Tower 6 to Northwest 6 (formerly Schine 6).

Sleep studies are conducted at the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport, where the patient is monitored while asleep by a trained sleep technologist. The center also offers home sleep testing, in which the patient is instructed by the center staff on how to use the equipment and sent home with the testing device.

Patients are seen at the center on Northwest 6 for consults and follow-up appointments with the sleep physicians, and for acclimation, mask fitting and CPAP troubleshooting by the clinical specialists.

Center staff includes Armand Wolff, MD, Medical Director, and Jeff Kwon, MD, Associate Medical Director; Beth McCarthy, RCP, SDS, and Liz Iaboni, RCP, Clinical Specialists; Noemi Veintidos, Receptionist; and Barbara
Anton, Scheduler. For more information, call 203-384-3817.