November 2013
From the Medical Staff office
As I write this, we are two weeks into Epic go-live. Thetransition was a challenge, but compared to similar eventsat other institutions, it was remarkably smooth. Our Epicexperts tell me it is one of the smoothest transitions ever.
I want to thank a few key individuals for their help. Dr.Michael Werdmann is deserving of special recognition. Hiscalm manner, tireless efforts and mastery of the Epic systemdetails and our culture helped immensely. I also want toacknowledge Alison Tighe, project facilitator, Library andMultimedia Services, who did a great job registering us fortraining and personalization sessions – a job more akin toherding alligators than cats.
Within the health system, Drs. Allen Hsiao, Bob Stoudtand Karen Bellapianta were invaluable. The System Epicteam, led by Lisa Stump and Tami Moe, were great and onbehalf of many medical staff members, I want to thank MarkDeCapua who was exceptionally helpful to many of us.Many physician experts from other hospitals who helpedus were very impressed with our medical staff ’s engagement.Their experience validates what I see every day – a large partof our staff is very involved in working to improve care. Yourefforts span the spectrum from identifying how details of carecan be improved to leading efforts to ensure we make soundstrategic decisions.
One notable example of physician engagement occurredduring the flurry of Epic activity. On Oct. 1, I went to thePediatrics clinic to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Theclinic is the very fortunate recipient of a generous donationfrom the Orthopaedic Specialty Group (OSG). They arefunding distribution of toys to children who come to theclinic – around 700 toys per month. This is in memory ofHalle, a former patient here and granddaughter of one ofOSG’s long-time employees.
The room of toys is now called Halle’s Hope Toy Closetand is a branch of the Dr. Tom Kennedy Toy Closet, on theinpatient side. OSG will oversee purchase of the toys andstocking the closet. The hospital leadership is very gratefulfor their generosity.
This is truly remarkable – creating a meaningful memorialfor a family missing their little girl and giving a gift of happinessto our clinic’s youngest and most vulnerable patients.Thank you.

Michael Ivy, MD Chief Medical Officer

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