November 2013
Policy focuses on preventing violence

Bridgeport Hospital’s new workplace violence prevention policy is one of many initiatives to safeguard employees, patients, volunteers, physicians and visitors from threats or acts of violence and intimidation. Threats are defined as physical, verbal and written, including electronic communications.

The zero tolerance workplace violence policy was adopted earlier this year. It requires every employee, including temporary and contract personnel and members of the medical staff, to avoid threatening behavior and to immediately report threats and acts of aggression or violence to a supervisor, security officer or Human Resources.

The policy also subjects employees who engage in threatening or acts of violence to disciplinary action, including possible termination and criminal prosecution, and calls for appropriate action to be taken, including possible notification of local police, when visitors and other non-employees make threats or commit acts of violence.

In addition to the new policy, the hospital has a Workplace Violence Prevention Committee that meets monthly and huddles daily to discuss safety issues. A separate employee conduct policy forbids employees from bringing weapons onto hospital property, including parking garages.