August 2013
CT Scan, MRI Added in Bridgeport, Stratford
The new Bridgeport Hospital Outpatient Radiology Center in Fairfield (formerly Russo Radiology) is at 425 Post Road.

On June 30, Bridgeport Hospital began offering outpatient radiology services at 4699 Main Street in Bridgeport, 425 Post Road in Fairfield and 2909 Main Street in Stratford (formerly Russo Radiology services). In late June, the state Office of Health Care Access granted the hospital permission to acquire CT scan services at the former Russo Radiology site in Bridgeport and the former Russo MRI service at 2595 Main Street in Stratford.

All the newly acquired services are now offered under the name Bridgeport Hospital Outpatient Radiology. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 203-683- 9729 or 1-866-742-7877.

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