August 2013
Epic Provider Personalization Sessions
Rovel Colaco, MD, Clinical Fellow, trains on Epic.

Once you complete your required Epic training courses, plan to attend a physician personalization session. These 60-minute sessions, available beginning September 2, will help you:

  • Personalize the look and feel of key features
  • Create content shortcuts to save you time on common tasks

Epic trainers are available to help you set up your personal preference and “favorites” lists.

Register for a session through Skillport — ynhhs.skillport/ com. Click the catalog link, then go to the Bridgeport Hospital folder. Near the bottom of the list is the Personalization folder. Click to open and go to Customization & Review.

Before attending a personalization session, create a Word document listing your SmartPhrases — blocks of text created by typing a period followed by a phrase name that works like a keystroke shortcut. For example, type “.st” instead of typing out sore throat and the text will populate. This will greatly increase efficiency. Then email it to yourself or put it on a thumb drive to bring to the session.

At the session, you’ll load your SmartPhrases into Epic before the September 21 go-live. This advance preparation will give you personalized tools to help you practice efficiently on Epic starting Day One. During a session, you can also learn how to customize an order set with certain content to meet a more specific need.

Can’t attend a session? The personalization tip sheet on the Physician Portal, will guide you.

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