November 2013
Smooth transition to Epic

Epic consultant Daniel Wallack (standing) helps during go-live Sept. 21, with (l-r) Adam Schussheim, MD, cardiologist; Pawel Pomianowski, MD, hospitalist; and Steluta (Esther) Nedelcuta, MD, hospitalist.


Bridgeport Hospital underwent a highly successful Epic
go-live the week of Sept. 21. Metrics following the first week
after go-live that reflect this include:

  • 95 percent CPOE (85 percent historical)
  • 98 percent completion of nursing admission assessment
  • ED arrival to physician time 53 minutes and trending
    down all week (45 minutes historical)
  • 39 percent order set usage (national benchmark
    40 percent)
  • 93 percent medication reconciliation on admission

In addition:

  • Posted and pending charges are at about 98 percent
    of anticipated charges
  • Outpatient areas are rapidly closing encounters and
    creating Hospital Account Records (HARs), two key
    steps in capturing and posting charges
  • The Epic database and infrastructure are now supporting
    a peak of nearly 10,000 concurrent users each day, up
    from about 600 during Greenwich Hospital’s go-live, April 2012

Bridgeport is the final Yale New Haven Health System
(YNHHS) campus to make the switch to Epic, giving
providers across YNHHS access to the same electronic medical
records for patients, regardless of where they are treated
within the system. As President and CEO Bill Jennings noted
during the Sept. 20 ceremony marking the conversion, Epic
is the most important common denominator in our efforts to
adapt to financial pressures and our ability to manage health
care region-wide.

Information about ongoing Epic support is available on the
intranet at