February 2014
New Epic tab: AllergyPrevEMR

A new Epic activity tab, entitled AllergyPrevEMR, displays allergy information from the legacy health systems’ EMRs including Cerner, SCM (York Street Campus), and Quadra- Med (Saint Raphael Campus). Epic remains the primary source of allergy information and there is no automated transfer from the legacy systems.

Taking and documenting the allergy history is a shared responsibility and all licensed clinical staff had this activity added to their sign-on. For admitted patients, generally the admitting nurse will review any old allergy information.

For safest practice, each provider should check if any legacy allergy information exists with this button. If there are differences between the current Epic allergy information and the legacy system, discuss and validate any documented allergies from Cerner, SCM or QuadraMed and Epic with the patient, identifying any new allergies or changes to the documented allergy history and enter the correct information into Epic. Please Note: the information from the Legacy systems is not auto-populated by pressing the AlleryPrevEMR button and must be manually entered once validated with the patient/caregiver.

After the Legacy allergy information has been reviewed, you can indicate that to subsequent providers by clicking the “mark as reviewed” button. Do not click “mark as reviewed” until you have validated the information and assured the proper information is entered into Epic. If you “mark as reviewed” before you validate and make any corrections in Epic, that will cause all subsequent viewers to assume, perhaps incorrectly, that the new record is accurate and complete. If you see a comment entered and you would like to enter an additional comment, please do not delete what the previous healthcare provider entered unless the information is no longer accurate. Comments will not be saved if they are deleted.

This tab was a response to a case where a negative outcome occurred from not reviewing allergy information that was present in the Cerner EMR. The tab was created as quickly as possible and education is being rolled out. For more information or questions, please contact Karri Davis, RN, clinical nurse specialist, at (203) 534-1526.

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