May 2014
Focus on high reliability organization efforts

For the last three years, Connecticut hospitals have worked with Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) and Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI) on a statewide initiative to become High Reliability Organizations (HROs) – organizations that operate successfully in high-risk industries.

Bridgeport Hospital leaders are among hundreds statewide participating in HRO training at the CHA. The goal is to build a culture of collegial teamwork where sound practice habits are adopted, resulting in a culture of safety.

Bridgeport Hospital’s high reliability effort relies on CHA/HPI training materials, including a mnemonic device to remember five key safety behaviors: CHAMP, which stands for: C – Communicate clearly; H – Handoff effectively; A – Attention to detail; M– Mentor each other – 200 percent accountability; P – Practice and accept a questioning attitude.

Training on HRO safety behaviors for hospital medical staff and employees should begin in a few weeks. Training details will be communicated when they become available.

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