June 2014
Inpatient/outpatient FEES procedure offered

Bridgeport Hospital now offers Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), a high-tech procedure speech pathologists can perform as an outpatient procedure or at beside (an alternative to a barium swallow in Radiology) to evaluate the pharyngeal stage of swallowing. The portable study uses a flexible laryngoscope passed transnasally to the pharynx.

Patients are seated in a feeding position and offered a variety of food consistencies while their swallow is viewed on a monitor. You can order FEES using Epic or fax your FEES script to Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers at (203) 336-7333. For more information, contact Andrea Bodin, speech-language pathologist, Ahlbin Rehabilitation Centers, at (203) 384-4845.