June 2014
Free pharmacy for your patients

The Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport on East Main Street, Bridgeport, provides free medications to patients who cannot afford them – those with household incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. For specifics about who is eligible and the process involved, please visit www.hopedispensarybridgeport.org.

The Hope Dispensary also needs:

    • Help obtaining medications for patients, like the unused samples from your office (It accepts samples at least four months from expiration and provides a postage paid box. You receive tax credit for your donations.) • Offices willing to receive free insulin samples to donate to the dispensary

Two providers recognized as key Dispensary supporters are Nick Bertini, MD, and Anne-Lise Beauboeuf, MD, Medicine. To find out more, email Lyn Salsgiver at Carolyn. Salsgiver@bpthosp.org.