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October 2013
New physicians welcomed

Nearly 100 members of our medical staff participated in the eighth annual physician reception on Monday, Sept. 16 at Fairfield University’s Bellarmine Hall. The event enables physicians to welcome new colleagues.

Among those attending the annual physician reception were ( l-r) Nabil Atweh, MD, chairman of Surgery; Michael Ivy, MD, chief medical officer; Shea Gregg, MD, chief of Trauma, Burns and Critical Care Surgery; and Jairo (Ed) Castillo, MD, SurgEase medical director.

Physicians and guests attending the reception included (l-r) Norm Roth, chief operating officer; Martina Sprague and her husband, Kevin Sprague, MD, Emergency Department physician; Bill Jennings, president and CEO; and Lisa Caramico, MD, anesthesiologist.

New physicians attending the reception included Angie Lee, MD, Ob/Gyn and Shea Gregg, MD, chief of Trauma, Burns and Critical Care Surgery.
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