Diagnostic Radiology Services

The first step in addressing a medical problem—whether it’s a blocked artery, a tumor, or broken bone—is to find its precise location within the body, accurately measure it, and provide a “roadmap” that guides physicians during treatment. The staff of Bridgeport Hospital’s Radiology department, including board-certified physician-radiologists and radiology technologists, provides a full range of diagnostic and imaging services for this purpose. Services are performed for adult and pediatric patients admitted to various units of the hospital and on an outpatient basis at multiple locations throughout Fairfield County.

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Radiology in Treating Disease

The role of radiologists has evolved as technology has become more sophisticated. “Interventional” radiologists have the advanced training to “intervene,” or participate, in medical procedures. Bridgeport Hospital has been among the first hospitals in Connecticut to introduce many interventional radiology procedures. These procedures are an alternative to radical surgery for many patients.

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