Senior Leadership

President and CEO

William M. Jennings

Executive Vice President and COO

Norman G. Roth

Senior Vice Presidents

Michael Ivy, MD

Mary Ellen Kosturko, RN

Patrick McCabe

Carolyn Salsgiver

Melissa Turner

Vice Presidents

Marc Brunetti

Ryan O’Connell, MD

John Skelly

President of the Foundation

Stephen M. Jakab

Board Members

     David Bindelglass, MD
     Emily E. Blair, DO
     Gayle L. Capozzalo
     George P. Carter, Vice Chair
     John Falconi
     Russell Fuchs
     Janet M. Hansen, Vice Chair
     Richard M. Hoyt, Vice Chair
     William G. Hulcher, MD
     Peter F. Hurst, Vice Chair
     William M. Jennings
     Newman Marsilius, III
     Mick Maurer
     Patricia L. McDermott
     Fred McKinney, PhD
     Ronald B. Noren, Esq.
     Duncan O’Brien, Jr.
     Meredith B. Reuben, Chair
     Howard L. Taubin, MD
     Peter Tortora, MD
     Gary Zimmerman, MD