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500th da Vinci robot-assisted surgery procedure done by Bridgeport Hospital physicians—most in Fairfield County

Bridgeport Hospital physicians have performed their 500th procedure using the da Vinci robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery system. The 500 procedures are the most performed at any hospital in Fairfield County.

The 500th procedure was done on March 4 by Chief of Gynecologic Oncology Masoud Azodi, MD, who also performed the very first da Vinci procedure at the hospital in January 2007.

Other physicians who perform da Vinci robot-assisted surgery at Bridgeport Hospital, by specialty, are:

Colorectal surgery – Scott Thornton, MD

Gynecological surgery – Steven Cassell, MD, Robert Deal, MD, Mark Laser, MD, Peter Van Dell, MD and Lee Jacobs, MD, Anthony Santomauro, MD and Dan Silasi, MD

Urological surgery (prostate and renal cancer procedures) – Jonathan Bernie, MD, Edward Paraiso, MD, Arthur Pinto, MD and Robert Weinstein, MD

With its flexible robotic arms and sophisticated three-dimensional imaging system, the da Vinci allows physicians to perform delicate procedures with unprecedented precision.

“The advantages of robot-assisted surgery are significant,” says Dr. Laser. “Incisions are smaller, patients experience much less pain, they often do not need strong narcotic pain medication and they can resume their normal daily activities in about half the time as they can with traditional surgery.”

Other benefits of robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery for patients include less blood loss and scarring, and a lower risk of infection.

While many procedures can be done with conventional laparoscopic instruments, some complex surgeries can only be done with the extra flexibility and dexterity offered by the da Vinci system, Dr. Laser adds.

“I am a true believer in minimally invasive surgery and I am so grateful that my last surgery was performed with the da Vinci system,” says gynecology patient Kris Sinise, a computer engineer from Stratford. “I work full-time and have three children so getting back on my feet quickly was a top priority.”

Dr. Pinto, Bridgeport Hospital’s Chief of Urology, praises the system’s 3D imaging technology, which can provide tenfold magnification of the operating field.

The visualization is excellent,” Dr. Pinto says. “You can see the nerves and preserve them to maintain early return of erectile function.”

Dr. Pinto calls da Vinci robot-assisted surgery the “big new technological advance in urology in the last 25 years, especially for prostate and renal cancer surgery.”

One of Dr. Pinto’s patients, retired teacher Ronald Dobson of Fairfield, attests to the benefits of the da Vinci.

“When I was recovering, there wasn’t any pain,” Dobson says. “I’d almost forgotten that I had surgery. And I was playing golf again just a few weeks after my procedure.”

For referrals to Bridgeport Hospital physicians who use the da Vinci robot-assisted minimally invasive surgical system, call toll free 1-888-357-2396.


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